Kim Kardashian Possible Space Station Honeymoon Info Leaked

While ostensibly a shot showing off the Kardashian clans four black luxury vehicles, including Wests own Lamborghini seen directly behind Kardashian, the true attention-getter of the long-distance selfie was judged by observers to be the famous Kim Kardashian derriere , clearly on display beneath her black dress. Kardashian has been working hard to shed her pregnancy weight since giving birth in June 2013 and wants the world (or her 12 million plus followers) to know, declared US Magazine. After posting a booty shot in her workout clothes last week with friend Blac Chyna and another with sister Kendall Jenner while working out on Friday, Kardashian slipped into a sleek black gown for her latest selfie. It was a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West date night, she declared on her Instagram account. That was Saturday night. No word on exactly what happened on the date with West, but Sunday morning, sharp eyes at the Just Jared gossip site spotted Kim Kardsahian slipping out of a doctors visit at the Beverly Hills Medical Center .

Kanye West Punches Teen Who Spat ‘N-Word’ At Kim Kardashian, Report Says

Now, being photographed by paparazzi is part of Kim Kardashians daily existence in fact, it is a major reason why she is as famous and wealthy as she is. So, as far as has been reported, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was not complaining about the photographers, even if she was annoyed by them. But the 18-year-old gave her some assistance, opening the door for her. As he did, however, he uttered the expletive, referring to the photographers, F*** these f****t-a** n*******! Kardashian then told him that she found the use of the n-word offensive and not to be used. But rather than apologize or better yet, take her advice, the 18-year-old turned his bile on Kanye Wests fiance, spewing a racist and sexist rant at her as the two of them entered the building.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Golden Globes’ Weekend: All the Details on the Couple’s Whereabouts!

SPW/Splash News “Heaven,” the new parent captioned the photo where she’s also showing off her massive engagement ring as she stands beside the rapper, who looked dapper in a dark suit and crisp white shirt. And there was no slowing down for the couple come Sunday, as they stepped out read this for a date night at Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Beverly Hills, turning heads as they exited the eatery while a number of stars attended the Golden Globes nearby. The fashionista flaunted her fab figure in a cropped white sweater and matching shirtrecycling the same shoes and handbag she wore to lunch on Saturdaylooking glamorous as always with her blond hair down in soft curls as Yeezy trailed behind his ladylove. Talk about a busy weekend for Kimye! Be sure to tune in to an all-new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Jan.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Sexy Date Night

Kim Kardashian is accused of Photoshoping these areas of her Instagram photos. Copyright [Instagram]A source has told Yahoo omg! exclusively that Kim, 33, did Photoshop the images in order to flaunt her hour-glass figure to full effect. [ Kim Kardashian KIND OF denies Photshopping accusations ] The well-placed source said: “Kim did Photoshop her selfie because she wants to make sure her hourglass figure is still strongly visible.” The source went on to explain that Kim wanted the photos to prove how much weight she’s lost. Kim Kardashian wanted to prove to fans that she still has curves – despite losing weight.

Kim Kardashian Marriage Fight With Kanye West: Kim Wants To Be a “Kardashian-West”

According to a source close to Kardashian, a man called the reality TV star a “n—– lover” and hurled obscenities at her. Kardashian, who was en route to a meeting at that time in Beverly Hills, was left “shaken,” the source said. Kanye West Claims Self-Defense in LAX Paparazzi Altercation The source told ABC News that the confrontation began as a young man tried to help Kardashian into the building, and called the photographers racial and homophobic slurs. When Kardashian told him that language was inappropriate, the source said he turned on her.

Kim Kardashian DID Photoshop her weight loss photos – because she wanted to show off her curves – EXCLUSIVE

Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills, Calif., Jan. 12, 2014. SplashNews

Kanye West Is a Battery Suspect After ‘Shaken’ Kim Kardashian Was Called a Racial Slur

I wonder what happens when Kim defies Kanye or stands up to him. I mean, do you think that she ever does? Or is she just his muse on a good day and a puppet on all the bad ones? I dont know if I can envision her having any opinions that she thinks are worth fighting him on.


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