Can Kickstarter Save Hollywood?

Michael Kittrell’s three-minute heated video response to an episode of “South Park,” in which he bemoans being called a “fat ginger,” garnered more than 34 million YouTube views, and was parodied may times over. Even the writers of “South Park” took notice and responded back with a clip of their own, animating Michael and some of the famous lines from his rant, including, “It really irritates me when people say that redheads don’t have souls. Because we do have souls alright?” And: “I go to church. I’m a Christian. You don’t know me. You’re not God.” “Hollywood Hillbillies” follows Michael, his “Mema,” Delores Hughes, and various other family members as they move from Grayson, Ga.

Worse still, the film, which The Times’ Brook Barnes dubbed “Pirates of the Caribbeanin Old Western drag,” may lead to a loss of $100 million to $190 million, according to Hollywood analysts. “They will think not twice, but maybe five times, before they do another $225-million picture,” Harold Vogel of Vogel Capital Management told The Los Angeles Times . “This is going to make it a lot tougher for any other budding auteur to come in and say, ‘I want to do this $225-million extravaganza.’ It’s not going to happen any time soon at Disney. What happened to the summer of shoot-em-ups, robots, and buddy cops? Like Mayfield, moviegoers voted with their dollars. Pairing big names with titular explosions, give or take a franchise, isnt enough to pack theaters these days.


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